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published Jule 28, 2020

Now, when most companies have switched to remote operation, the clients of many companies are faced with the problem of obtaining reports. Developers who used to work in a friendly team in the office now sit at home, and lack of communication leads to the fact that not all team members know who is doing what and what difficulty they have encountered. The collection of reports and preparation of acts in such conditions also cause problems for many managers.
Our company was well prepared for this turn of events. The reporting bot we created helped a lot organize work at a distance and made life easier for many of our employees. This bot is an excellent assistant to the manager, whose responsibilities include collecting reports on developers' work effectiveness, drawing up acts, and monitoring delays in the execution of tickets. Thanks to the bot's use, the customer can transparently monitor the progress of work, see what the development team is doing, and what he spends his money on, receiving automatic daily reports for each developer in the team who is working on complex tasks day after day.

In Agile, tickets are a big part of the documentation and source of information about agreements and concerted actions in a rapidly changing business. For complete documentation of the described development process, technical notes and completed tickets may not be enough.
It is necessary to monitor the progress of their implementation, correct the deviation from the deadlines, help to cope with difficulties, and not go into the jungle of additional system options for the customer. Every day, the developers write a progress report at the end of the working day. This helps each team member see who is doing what, even if they start work at different times. Programmers do not like writing reports, but you still need to remember the name of the ticket on which he worked, how much time he spent on it, and what he did within the framework of this task. Previously, such reports were not structured, they were sent at different times, and most importantly, it was very easy to forget about their writing.

This state of affairs was not easy for project managers. They always had to be on the alert and make sure that the developers send reports on time and control their content, that the reports contained all the necessary information.

Being active members of the team, customers of many projects receive a detailed monthly report based on all the reports sent for them by the project manager. It took managers quite a lot of time to prepare such a report since the selection and structuring of data from the developers' reports had to be made by hand.

Working daily on the automation of various business processes for our clients, we concluded that we also need a solution that would simplify the process of writing and collecting reports, drawing up acts and would reduce the time spent on this, making the work of Attractor Software employees and customers even more comfortable.
Thinking about what we could do, our attention was attracted by the opportunity to create our assistant robot that could communicate through the messenger that we all use every day on computers and smartphones. Thus, Attractor Software has its application consisting of a bot-contact in the messenger and the admin panel.

The bot takes care of the developer, reminding him that it is time to write a report, offering to select a ticket from the list of those on which he worked, tells him that it is time to close some ticket.

For the manager, he also makes notifications that someone forgot to write a report that tickets have been executed for a long time, and it is worth checking if everything is in order. And also does the dustiest job - collecting all the reports and sending them to the chat at once throughout the team.

In the admin area, the developer can look at his reports to remember what he wrote yesterday.

The manager can create a new project or connect a new authorized developer to an existing project. The project manager can easily manage the project team, the time of sending reports, notifications, and, most importantly - draw up reports and acts in just a couple of clicks!

In a unique project section, you can generate and view various configurations of acts and reports:
  • For the entire project or a specific developer in a project
  • For a specific developer in all his projects
  • For individual tickets
  • By the efficiency of the developer's time spent
  • Average team speed
  • Certificate of completion for the month for attachment to invoices
All generated acts and reports can be downloaded to Excel spreadsheets, graphs, copied to accounting documents. Everything is formed in the right format, which saves a lot of time.
At the first stage of bot development, the developer needed to conduct a dialogue with the bot directly in the messenger. At the early stage after the start of the dialogue, the bot asked to choose a project for writing a report among those in which the developer works - there may be several of them. After that, the bot offered to write a report on a new ticket or on the one that it started working on but had not yet finished. Next, the bot provides him many actions that will help generate a report - send a description of the work done, indicate the time spent, and the current status of the task.

At the appointed time, the bot grouped reports and sent them to each chat of the project. By opening the chat, any team member or customer can read this message and be aware of how the whole team's day went.

But we didn't stop there! We wanted to streamline this process even more. We decided that it would be convenient to integrate the bot with the JIRA task management service we use in many of our projects.

Writing everything down to the JIRA work-log during the day, the developer can now completely forget about writing a separate report - the bot will do everything for him.

We taught the bot to find out what tickets a specific developer worked on, whether he kept records in the work-log, how much time he devoted to a specific task. All entries from the work-log and the time spent by the bot can be pulled together and recorded in a structured report, taking into account all the parameters we need. The bot writes the generated report to the database and displays it in the application admin panel. Then everything happens according to the scenario created earlier - reminders, notifications, sending reports to chats.

The bot is very caring, and it does not text you if you are on vacation or day off. He knows all employees of the company and works only for their benefit. The bot is integrated with our internal hrm and is good at information.

Attractor Software is a company that, while developing its customers' technical comfort, never forgets about its employees. By using internal optimization products, we have reduced a large amount of our employees' time and reduced the amount of stress that could previously be caused by daily "important" tasks.

This product, or even an ecosystem of several products, can be applied to any business task. Attractor Software knows how to build applications to optimize any business processes and does it well, which is what our clients say in their reviews about work with us. If you need our product or have an idea for a product that we could develop for you - let's talk about it!
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