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published November 20, 2018

One day we received a request from an organization to create an interactive map of legal service providers for the Ministry of Justice in Kyrgyz Republic.
Their goal was to simplify the process of finding legal service providers for the country's population. Thus, the task was set for us to make that any user throughout the country could find the necessary information about any notary, lawyer, free legal aid center, crisis center, and etc.

A team consisting of a project manager and three developers started the work. We carefully analyzed the system requirements.
We split the planned functionality into separate tasks, the tasks were divided into iterations. In the development process, we used the following technologies:
We covered all the functionality with automated acceptance tests.

We implemented the system the following way. For a specific url, a map of Kyrgyzstan is opened. There are colorful dots on it with the number of legal service providers in a particular area. If the number of legal service providers on a dot is displayed more than 10, then when you click on the dot, the area, on which the dot is located, approaches and the dot breaks into dots with a lower number of service providers. In this case, the location of service providers becomes more accurate. If the number of legal service providers on a dot is less than 10, then when you click on a dot, a list of providers is displayed — their names, links to profiles, ratings and addresses. When you click on the name of a provider, detailed information about the provider is displayed and the location of the provider is marked on the map.
One of the main features of the website was filtering, which allows users to make a convenient search for a necessary legal assistance. The filtering system allows for a couple of clicks to select the necessary information, to find the necessary legal service in the vicinity of the client. Users can filter service providers by the following criteria:

  • by region or district;
  • by type of legal service provider;
  • by type of legal services;
  • display only free service providers or paid ones too.

Service providers are divided into state entities (courts, prosecutors, police departments, territorial lawyers, family and child protection departments, notaries, etc.) and non-state entities (public organizations, pro-bono lawyers, crisis centers, aksakal courts, women's councils, private law firms, private lawyers, etc.).
The list of legal services is mapped and gradually replenished by ordinary users. Users can not only add rating to service providers, but also add a comment about the quality of providers' services.

For users' convenience, a section of frequently asked questions was created, where users can immediately find the most requested information divided into sections.

There are also additional pages on the legal map website that describe the "LegalMap" project, provide users with addresses of free help centers or other the necessary legal information.

The project is multilingual and was implemented in two languages: Russian and Kyrgyz.

The website design is light and unobtrusive and adapted to work with both desktop and mobile devices. In addition, an Android application was created on the basis of the web version and has been uploaded to the Google Play Market.
During the development process we encountered difficulties, I will list some of them:

  • Our developers needed to study and apply new libraries that were not previously used by them.
  • Some tasks took longer than it was planned initially.
  • There were difficulties with writing acceptance tests, because the main interface is associated with the map.
  • When designing the Android application, it was necessary to take into account many nuances of the system functioning.

Having overcome all these difficulties, our team gained valuable professional experience and the project, that provides the population of Kyrgyzstan with a comfortable search of specialists and companies in the field of jurisprudence, was "born". From now on our project helps to solve problems of many people.
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Senior Software Project Manager
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